New Innovation Patent Digital Table Advertising Media Player with Charging Station For Restaurant 

Best Solution for Phone Charging & Desktop  Advertising!

Brilliant way to Offer Free Mobile Charging at Each Table & Improve Your Business!


 With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge. Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like ‘CHARGING Phones’, the psychologically association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.

1. For Restaurants and Bars, guests stay longer and so they consume more drinks and food.

2. For Hotels, show drink and food menu and provide phone charging to improve the customer service and the guest satisfaction.

3. For Advertising Companies, Advertise your product or brand on Table which could be Guaranteed Seen for Hours a day by people sitting at a meal, enjoying a coffee or simply hanging out.


Restaurant menu boards


You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage. And did you know the following:

  • Average sales lift of 3%-5%

  • Average margin increase per transaction of 2.5%-3%

  • Approximately 30% of customers find digital menus influential for purchase of a product

  • 1 in 5 people make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on digital screens