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Restaurant Menu Boards

Restaurant Menu Boards

not only inform and engage more people through creative presentation, but also reaches them instantly and reliably – and messages can be updated or retired in real-time. It’s a modern approach to organizational communications that draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity. We can turn your "OLD" Menus into a restaurant menu board masterpiece. View our work below!!!

We provide:

  • Quality

  • Professional Workmanship

  • Outstanding turnaround time

  • Affordable Prices

7 Ways Digital Menu Boards Can Benefit Your Business

1. Easily Comply with Menu Labeling Laws

While healthy restaurants initially included calorie count on their menus to help health conscious customers, today more jurisdictions are requiring calorie information.

An example of this is the requirement for chain restaurants with more than 20 locations, are generally required to display calorie counts. Using a Digital Menu Board makes complying with these rules quick and easy, and better yet, as your ingredients and recipes change, your calorie count can instantly change right with it. No need to order new menus.

2. Quickly Update Pricing and Availability

In addition to updating calorie counts, Digital Menu Boards allow you to make adjustment instantaneously when needed. Sell out of an item? Find a new fresh ingredient at the farmer’s market? Or just want to feature your newest creation? Login to your portal (or notify us via email, call, chat, or text message) and within minutes your menu can be updated. Using a Digital Menu Board ensures that your menu will always be up to date, no matter what change comes your way.

3. Use Dayparting Features to Automatically Display the Proper Content

Ever forget to change your menu from breakfast to lunch? Never worry about changing out printed inserts or physically turning from your breakfast menu to your lunch menu. Digital Menu Boards allow you to preset and schedule all of you content to display when and how you want. Automated dayparting allows you to worry about running your restaurant, instead of worrying about the content on the menu. Allowing you to maximize your customers experience and purchases based on the options you make available.

4. Advertise Seasonal Promotions and Specials

Many restaurants offer limited time offers and seasonal specials. Advertise your Pumpkin Latte in the fall, your Gingerbread Cappuccino in the winter, and you’r fruit smoothies in the summer. Updating is quick and easy, and you can instantly remove an item when it is no longer available. Advertise these as upcoming items before they become available, and then remind guest to order them once they are available. All electronically from your Digital Menu Board, with no paper waste, financial loss, or long print times.

5. Let Your Menu do the Upselling

An image is worth a thousand word. Steaming garlic bread, fresh salad, a nice cold soda. Putting your best attribute (your product!) on a bright screen can help entice your customers to make additional purchases. A Digital Menu Board can feature items that are more expensive, profitable, or just in need of being sold.

6. Eliminate the Cost of Printing and Shipping New Menus

While many of the benefits of Digital Menu Boards revolve around increasing sales, using a Digital Menu Board can also save you money. How often do you currently update your menu? Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally? Do you skip adding new items because you don’t want the cost of printing and installing new menus? Digital Menus can be updated at no cost, and if a typo accidentally slips thru, it can quickly and easily be corrected. Oh and don’t forget the environment. Less waste is always a good for the environment!

7. Streamline the Order Process

By displaying an image of your steaming, dripping, bbq bacon cheeseburger, hungry diners are likely to make a quick decision. A static menu’s hodge-podge of words, however, may leave them searching the multitude of burger options even as they step up to order. Suddenly it’s time for them to order, and they either hold up your line as they search or order the first thing they see. Now either your speed of service has been decreased, or a customer ordered an item that doesn’t leave them racing to return. On the other hand, if your customers get to the front the line with a craving for an item they have been staring at, everyone has a shorter wait and your establishment starts living up to its name as a “fast” casual restaurant.

Proper use of a Digital Menu Board can be the difference between happen returning customers, and customers that come once and don’t return. Perfectly executed Digital Menu Boards ensure your customers stay focused on the images of your items, are ready to order right away, and may even spend more money on complementary items. Here at High Above Media, our team of professional graphic designers and content managers can help ensure your establishment does it right, creating that exceptional experience that grabs your customers’ attention and allows you to reap the rewards of having a Digital Menu Board in your restaurant.

A Sample of our work...

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