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Digital Advertising Board


Digital Advertisement Boards are more than just ad space. They’re dynamic canvases on which to tell the story of your brand. Our bulletins are strategically located in high-traffic restaurants and stores and experienced by people every day. They offer unparalleled visibility as well as custom extensions and embellishments that can bring your story to life in ways that are impossible to ignore. High Above Media’s DAB’s allow you to promote your next event, big sale or meeting in a way like never before either locally or throughout our vast Digital Ad Board network.
Our boards do not use USB STICKS, all of our content is cloud based so it’s as easy as connecting to the cloud from anywhere in the world, placing an image or video in your HAM Cloud folder and viewing it on your DAB.
So contact us today, to find out how you can become part of this growing digital advertising network. And the best part is the price!!!
Our Price List

10 Second Rotating Ad - Monthly $40 per month
10 Second Rotating Ad - Yearly $200 per year
30 Second Rotating Video - Yearly $400 per Year

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